Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Brother

Cooper was so excited to see his "baby sister". Cooper came to the hospital meet his sister and ride with us home. I was so happy to see Cooper. I had never been away from Cooper overnight and two nights was hard. I know he was in great hands and was having a blast, so this help me not miss him so much.

Cooper said, "Mommy, she's so cute". Priceless moment for me.

At this point, Cooper notices the wall border.

Cooper said, "can I take baby sister on boat too?".

Cooper enjoying his new back seat companion. Also, Cooper really wanted to take the "cupcake" from my breakfast tray. The cupcake is actually a fiber muffin. I was told Cooper hadn't gone to the bathroom (#2) for almost three days. This muffin helped Cooper go to the bathroom within a couple of hours.

Cooper was happy we were going home all together.

Cooper wanted to help feed Lily Grace.

Cooper wanting to help dress his "baby sister".

Cooper wanting to give his sister her balloon "to make her happy". I said, "your sister is happy and so is your mommy".

What a great Big Brother!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Morning

I decided to take Cooper to play with his friends at Mother's Morning Out one last time before he was a big brother. Its amazing to me that he'll be the older one and we'll have a baby. Even though Cooper looks older, he still is a baby in my heart.

Cooper loves his "back pack".

Cooper couldn't wait to play. He said "mommy you please take my back pack?" Cooper will talk about "Mikey" or "Christopher" and the helpers "Miss Stephanie" and "Miss Tracy". He'll play with Mikey and Christopher and sometimes mention "Maggie".

Cooper loved his morning and was so happy to show me is football picture!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"I'm not shy"

I've been talking with Cooper about being "shy". I told him at church he "doesn't need to feel shy because all the boys and girls want to play and have fun with you". Right before we got out of the car, I said,"Cooper try and be happy and have fun and not be shy". This is Cooper's face as he ponders what I just talked with him about.

Chris and I took Cooper to the nursery and I mentioned to 1 of the helpers that Cooper has been talking about being shy. She said she would help. When Chris and I picked Cooper up he was laughing and moving all around the room. He didn't appear shy at all. When we got back to the car, I asked Cooper if he had fun in church and he said,"I'm not shy anymore, I am happy". This is Cooper's happy face as he talks about what he did at church. He said, "my toes were dancing". How sweet!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Future "Curler"

Tonight on television, the Vancouver XXI Winter Olympics was a background in our Lego building. Or so I thought. Cooper stopped building and said "I need my wagon", "you go with me?". It was dark in the hallway, so I turned the light on and Cooper got his wagon and his broom. He preceded to place legos in his wagon. I watched Cooper pull out the red and yellow legos and started his interpretation of "Curling". This is Cooper with his "sweeper" or "broom" also what its called in the Olympics.

This is Cooper "sliding polished granite stones (weighing about 40 pounds apiece) down the ice" (Article: "News' writer discovers curling not as easy as it looks",Tim Twentyman / The Detroit News)

What Cooper saw...

This is Cooper after using his broom or brush to "sweep away small bumps ingrained on the ice to help direct the stones to their resting place" (Article: "News' writer discovers curling not as easy as it looks",Tim Twentyman / The Detroit News)

It really is amazing to me how Cooper notices everything. He's very aware of his surroundings! Too cute tonight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Chris actually had this set-up in the upstairs foyer. I saw this when I walked out of our bedroom.

We brought everything downstairs to enjoy and also let Cooper enjoy the balloon.

We gave Cooper a card and he looked at it for a few seconds but couldn't take his mind off the balloon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow!

This morning Cooper said, "I want to go play in snow". He loves the snow!

Cooper saying "let's play football".

Daddy comes after the football...

Walking on hands felt so different in the snow.

Cooper making a snow angel in the sun.

Loving the snow.

Chris found Cooper's shovel in the snow and Cooper was so happy to start shoveling the snow.

This was the extra snowball that was created.

Mommy and Cooper.

Cooper and his Jeep.

After coming inside, Cooper said he needed a bath to get warm. This is Cooper with his hands in the water waiting his hands to become warm again.

"My hands are warm. But I still dirty." I told Cooper we could just get him clean.

Relaxing...while getting clean.

Cooper relaxing while watching one of his library dvd's and eating his lunch sandwich.

Cooper had a great time in the snow and I still can't believe we actually got so much snow. I heard on the radio today that we haven't gotten this much snow since February 1973. Wow!


We rarely ever get snow. So when we do I its a big deal. When Cooper woke up from his nap we told him it had snowed. We've read several books on snow we checked out from the library. Cooper was happy to see the snow we've read about for awhile now. This was his look after he sees the snow.

Not too sure about "bundling up because its cold outside, Cooper".

Chris showed Cooper how the snow could stay in a ball.

Cooper's turn to touch the snow.

Cooper said "snow is too cold for my hands". Time for the gloves.

The start of the snowball.

Its getting bigger and now its the start of a Snowman!

Cooper looks so strong!

Now the snowman's head.

Mr. Snowman

Cooper said "snowman needs a smile and eyes". I give Chris all the credit for the smile and eyes idea.

Smokey in the snow for a short time.

Cooper in the background starting to ride his Jeep.

After getting warm again, we had pizza for supper. Cooper asked for 3 cheese doodles.

Since Cooper couldn't see what was in his cup, Cooper asked very seriously, "is water in my cup?".

Cooper actually winking! Too cute!

Cooper started talking about the snow and suddenly laid down on the floor and started making a snow angel. "I made snow angel in the snow."